What's included?
  • Logo and Colour Customization
  • Manage Page Content
  • Use a Custom Domain
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Manage Teachers/Communities
  • System Confirguaton
  • Automated Workflows
What's included?
  • Add Unlimited Suppliers
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Search for Pre-loaded Suppliers
  • Set Automated Profit Margins
  • Simplified order submission
  • Manage Supplier Orders
  • Supplier Rating System
What's included?
  • Add Unlimited Menu Dates
  • Copy Existing Menus
  • Add Fundraising Campaigns
  • Create Menus for Specific Classes
  • Set Order Deadlines
  • Set Payment Deadlines
  • Automated Deadline Reminders
What's included?
  • Easy to Use Ordering System
  • Assign Food Allergies to Profile
  • Multiple Payments Methods
  • View Order History
  • Leave Supplier Ratings
What's included?
  • Manage Email Notifications
  • Manage Automated Messages
  • Send Custom Email
  • Document Management
  • Manage Page Content
What's included?
  • Generate & Export Reports
  • Suppliers & Products Reports
  • Students & Delivery Lists
  • Payments, Balances & Orders
  • Accounting Summary
What's included?
  • Sign Up Forms
  • Scheduling
  • Automated Email Reminders
What's included?
  • No Setup Fee or Annual Fee
  • Transaction Fee Added to Order
  • Payout directly into PAC bank account
What's included?
  • Extensive Online Support Documents
  • Dedicated Email Support
  • Fast Onboarding Setup
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